Static or Station….Your Choice

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Evil…it is among us. And I don’t just mean mass shootings and serial killers.

Here is my perspective.

I am a Christian, my reference point is my faith but there are many “versions” of belief in the world and most of them agree on at least one concept – evil, or negativity, darkness, bad mojo…Call it what they will.  I am not attempting to preach…but there will be biblical reference – like I said that is my point of center.

Evil is all around us.  And none of us are immune to it, in fact we are born into sin.  Sin is in our nature.  Some seemingly (possibly not honestly) have less difficulty steering clear of it, other seem almost drawn to it.  I truly feel that we have tools available to help us, if honestly want to limit how much we succumb.  I choose to use God and the Bible and the principles and practices within.  Others might use meditation, the “do unto others” rule of life (which for the record is also Biblical but has becomes a cornerstone for non-believers), their spiritual beliefs, etc…

Satan is always on the prowl.  For me, Satan is the root of evil.  He has tools in his box, to entice and ensnare.  IF you choose not to believe in the Devil, then fill in the blank with whatever is the opposite of your version of good and peace.  Because even if you are scientifically minded – Newton stated that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  I believe this applies to spiritual energy as well as energetic force.  Without light you cannot have darkness, good without bad and so on.  This means that all around us, at every corner and every decision, we have the opportunity to choose something other than good.

As humans, I feel as though we are like transistor radios.  (Probably more like the AM band since we are getting more and more FM stations. 😎 ) When you turn the tuning knob, you hear static…that static is evil but when you dial in on a station, you are locked in goodness — or for me, God.  Sometimes your station comes in loud and clear and it is all you hear. Other times, there might be a static interruption (but you can still make out and sing along with the song) or maybe you hear the fringe edge of the static overlapping your station and it might always be there.

I feel that is how Satan and evil work.

NONE of us are immune.  You might be a pretty optimistic, God loving, giving person until you get in the car and BAM road rage hits you.  Doesn’t mean you are consumed with Satan/evil, per se, but it’s reaching out and reminding you that your aren’t perfect and never will be – that is why we have God’s grace and forgiveness.  For others, maybe there is an area of their life where the Devil has a strong hold and he is chipping away to hopefully fain some ground in other area of your life.

Now before people start thinking that I am making a correlation that because you struggle in an area of your life, perhaps regularly, you are destined to become an evil serial killer or commit a mass shooting – just stop.  They are NOT one in the same…just bear with me.

So with all this evil in the world – Satan and his minions/tools, from my analogy – it is important that we guard our hearts and our minds. It is important that we at least try to recognize the good and bad in our lives that participate in and perpetuate. It is important that we remember we are not immune, but also know that we can always try and do better – unless you actually commit a mass shooting or are a serial killer then maybe we need to talk.

So with that transistor radio analogy…it seems that some people are more susceptible to the static.  That they listen to the urges, that they perform the wrong choices, that they seemingly ENJOY the feelings that darkness and evil thoughts and actions bring them.  And let’s be real – for the most pat, sin is fun.  The ramifications are certainly not, but for probably a vast number of people giving in to things that are less than desirable, they will have a pretty quick turn around for gratification.

Why are some people more easily swayed to do wrong?  There are probably endless theories.  I think that people who are more easily distracted are likely going to fall off the “good” side of the wagon a little more often.  I think that our experiences mold our susceptibility – abuse, trust issues, being raised in a “bad” or sinful environment that is the “norm”. I think ego (Satan loves the ego) can be a huge factor in whether we lean to the Static or the Station. I think that we can be open to sin or evil when we are impaired – drugs, alcohol, addictions.  I think, personally, mental illness creates an open window (sometimes a whole door, or even a knocked out wall) to evil grabbing hold. I have a theory that when a person is suffering from mental instability that they are under attach from all kinds of negative things because their mental and emotional defenses are down. The Bible even speaks of evil spirits, demons, and the stories are of those with physical and mental infirmaries. Other are just not of strong will and succumb to the suggestions of others who have opened the door to such things in their own lives. And misery does love company….

Staying strong against the darkness of this world is a constant. It takes effort on an individual’s part. It is not a one and done.  I do know that each of us can either be the Light or we can be the Darkness. We can either blast our Station – and sing loud in both voice and acts – or we can be worn down by the Static until we start losing ground.  Very little that is worth anything in the long run is easily come by, that includes overcoming all that is thrown at us in the day to day.  Staying strong, being stronger than the bad we see on the news and in social media, overcoming the things that have happened to us or been done to us…it all takes effort. It takes finding a good solid Station on your dial – for me, my Faith in God – and tuning into regularly, like you eat and drink, like you breathe or for some exercise…make it a priority, for all the world to see.  With enough Good, with enough Light, with enough Love and yes – with enough GOD – we can push out the evil and the darkness and make a difference.


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Strange Timing…

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The other day I posted on Facebook the following:

“Last November, a young boy named Robert Bee was reported missing. He has been missing ever since without a single lead into his whereabouts. I followed the case pretty closely for quite some time but found that I was so sickened by the internal drama of all the “support” groups on social media that I backed off and just kept track via news and media outlets.

Thousands of children go missing every year. Many are never recovered and many are found deceased. For those not from my immediate area, the details of this particular case have likely not crossed your radar. There are many things that just don’t add up about his disappearance and the general consensus is that his mother either 1) killed him or 2) knows who did. None of the stories she gave ever seemed to be consistent or lined up, she has been absent from all of the vigils and searches, she moved about a hundred miles away from where Robert was last seen and changed her phone number, the list goes on and on.

People involved are disgusted with the mother, frustrated with law enforcement, at constant odds with one another on social media, and at a loss for how to help. An outside organization came in to do searches, and even that is getting flack. They found a sweatshirt and law enforcement said it wasn’t what he was reported as having been last seen in. OK – but there hasn’t been much of anything the mother (who supposedly gave the report of what he was last seen wearing) has said that was truthful or accurate. Could the sweatshirt belong to anyone? Could it have washed down river and into a field post flood? Yes. Could it have flown out of the back of a pick up or window of a passing car? Yes. Of all the reports for organized searches – none of the ones created by locals had more than a handful of people in attendance. Police at one point asked people to reign in searches on private property (with good reason). An outside group comes in and searches in areas that no one did and people are up in arms that they are getting everyone’s hopes up with a sweatshirt that has no connection. HOW DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT IS A CONNECTION?

Personally, I think this young man is dead. I also think his mother is involved. It may or may not have been by her own hands, but I do think she had something to do with it. There is a lot of history and back story that precedes this entire thing. But the bottom line is a young boy is missing. No one should be upset that a third party organization is performing searches. No one should be upset that they are presenting possible evidence. No one should be pissed off because the news is reporting one way or the other about what has been found – because that coverage keeps this disappearance in the spotlight, regardless of the findings of the article of clothing or whatever might turn up. I just think that everyone, law enforcement included, should keep an open mind about what turns up because the reality is – the only KNOWN FACT is that Robert Bee is missing. Period.

I don’t fault law enforcement for how they have navigated this either, for the record. Law enforcement is exactly that – LAW. They are bound by certain constraints regarding detainment and evidence. The public is not going to know every card LE is holding. They are not going to make a move until they know that they can make something stick, they are not going to scare off someone they are keeping tabs on and they don’t want to screw up a case based on a technicality. If there is no immediate risk to any one else, they will be patient – even when it is uncomfortable for the spectators.

Bottom line, I would love to see this boy found. I would love to be proven wrong and have him turn up alive and well, but I am not holding out hope for that. I would also like, when the time comes, that whoever did this to him pay the price for their actions… And if that means the news channels have to post his story and any non-story about his disappearance, then OK. If that means a third party group has to come in and perform searches, then OK. It isn’t going to change my life one bit and getting on social media to complain about it isn’t going to make a positive difference either. The only thing I am able to do at this time (and always) is pray that he is at peace and that they bring him home to gain justice for his death.

#peopleneedbetterhobbies #RobertBee #bonsaibee #oneofthousandsofmissingkids #trucks4kids #pekinil #pekinpolicedepartment #lisabee #Ithinkthemomdidit”

Merely a few hours later, breaking news posted that human remains were found in South Pekin, IL – not far from where the boy went missing.  Tidbits of information started flying about the Internet – putting the mom’s ex-boyfriend in proximity of the place where the remains were found, comments about how frequently or infrequently the location must have been mowed inside of 8 months, one group that calls themselves “Team Bonsai” claims to have searched that area several times and that a family member had “steered them away from the building” near where the skeletal remains were found… Nothing odd about that at all.  SERIOUSLY???  Eight months have gone by since Robert Bee disappeared and this “group” was in support of finding him and DIDN’T THINK IT ODD THEY WERE TOLD WERE HE WOULDN’T BE????? Why did no one report this to the local law enforcement? I am the type of person that when someone tells me not to look somewhere or go somewhere – I WANT TO KNOW WHY and WILL PROBABLY PUSH THE ISSUE.  Unnerving if true.

The remains were removed and no comment was made regarding possible identification, but they were ordering dental records.  I understand how it works – this is an emotional case and they don’t want to speculate.  Robert Bee was missing a front tooth, a permanent adult tooth.  I doubt that went un-noted by the detectives and officers – or the coroner.  An autopsy was scheduled for 8:00am CST today, in Peoria.

This afternoon, the pathologist and forensic dentist confirmed that the remains are consistent with a teen aged male.  DNA tests have been ordered.  I think we all know the ending to this part of the story.

If the DNA tests come back conclusive to Robert Bee, I am happy for two reasons – 1) he will be at rest and 2) with a body the ante in this game just went up.  It is safe to say that there will be detainments and arrests.  I think that under pressure the mother is going to fold.  I think the entire house of Jerry Springer-esque cards are going to come crashing down and there might even be some surprises.  I am angry that over the course of the last eight months – plenty of people knew something and left this poor boy to rot while strangers put far more effort into locating him and bringing him home that his own family – especially his “mother” – did.  I am angry that it appears (if the claim is true) that he could have been laid to rest months ago.  He deserved better in life, the least he could have had was peace in his death.

I hope that justice is served to any and all that played a part in this.  Sadly, there will be some who plea out and roll over and don’t get what they truly deserve.

Thank you for stopping by…sorry it wasn’t a lighter note.

**Disclaimer – I do not know why it was put on my heart to post about Robert Bee when I did.  There have been plenty of things that have come up with his case over the eight months that made my skin crawl and my blood boil.  It was purely coincidental that I chose to comment on him – beyond a handful of early content shares to keep an eye out for him – right before he was potentially located. I had considered volunteering for the searches but there was entirely too much drama surrounding those groups and it felt like it would have been a circus rather than a ground search. I had no connection to this case, this family or any of the efforts other than following via social media and news outlets. 

I miss this…

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Wow, so much has changed since the last time I posted or maybe not so much…

First, I am still at 100% with my no McDonald’s and no soda.  Hasn’t really impacted my weight in a positive fashion but I am sticking with it.

Second, yes, I still have Gizzy.  She is still the most bipolar animal I have ever encountered.  She weighs at least 30 pounds and is as moody as a 16 year old girl.  We haven’t fostered or rescued any wildlife recently, so that sucks a bit but we are working on some other things and hopefully we will have exciting changes in the future.

Speaking of exciting and changes, had a son get married.  Andy married his sweetie, Lauren a year ago this August and come January 2018 – I will be a grandma!  Pretty excited about that…have so many cool things to teach a little one.  My other son, Austin, made a pretty big move to Kansas City, MO.  And Abby is growing up – way too fast.

I have some outlines and ideas drafted for posts.  Some insightful and some, ok most, not so insightful.  Life seems to move too fast, maybe writing about it will make it seem like that isn’t so much the case… I feel like I have lost a little bit of my light in the mix and I really do want to get that back.  I would hate to let my super power (sarcasm) dwindle to nothing; I have so much of it to share with the world.

So, God and time willing, I will hopefully be able to pop on here and add some content from time to time – and I really do mean more than once every two years.  (I noticed that there are several other “That’s What She Said” blogs on WordPress – need to get my relevance up to squash them!)

So welcome back….and thanks for stopping by!


My Quest….

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OK, so maybe not a “quest” per se, but my current goal/obsession/good-for-me project/new-years-resolution/what-have-you has been to avoid soda and McDonald’s for an entire year.

And so far…I have been successful.  And it feels good (or at least part of it does) but not for the reason most would expect.

Since January 1, 2015, I have not eaten McDonald’s fast food or had one of their coffee drinks.  Why, because I hate their service and the lack of competency.  It irritates me to no end that when I request “no cheese” — I get cheese on my burger.  I get very frustrated that every time I order, regardless of any special requests, that I have to pull into one of the “wait” spots…for FAST food.  I despise the fact that when I call customer service, or a manager, to complain – nothing changes.  So, I decided to stop eating there.  I just wish that the rest of my household had the same resolve.

I think one of the biggest reasons, was due to the time that I had a McDonald’s manager tell me, “F*ck You!” in the drive through while flipping me off and then sticking out her tongue…I kind of realized at that point that the service and quality would never get any better if those were the types of management qualified people they chose to hire.  Now I realize that not all McDonald’s managers, or even workers, are of the sub par quality that was demonstrated that day; but honestly, the consistency in which I got poor service or incorrect food orders (and still do for the others in my house that are still addicted) shows that there is a high percentage of careless, uncommitted, unprofessional food service workers wearing the big yellow “M” on their hat.  I wish that I would have made my commitment to abandon the French fires and special sauce then, but actually waited a few months.  Seeing that manager still employed at that store made my blood boil every time I drove through.

And to think these employees consider themselves worth $15/hr when many of our Emergency Responders don’t make that.  Insane.

As for the soda, I really didn’t drink that much of it anyway so it hasn’t been much of a challenge.  It would have been nice to say that I lost 20 pounds just by cutting it out, but alas that is not the case.

I think that next year (in addition to my zero tolerance policy for McDonald’s) I will add a new boycotted restaurant…I just need to figure out which one it will be.  Any suggestions?

And as always…Thanks for stopping by!


Need to get back to this….

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Writing is therapeutic, cathartic and a relatively safe form of self expression for me…I think it might be time to dust off the blog and try and find my creative wit again.  😎

Wish me luck…

So I like to do nice things for people.  Nothing makes me feel better inside than helping someone that doesn’t expect it or better yet would probably not ask.  So yesterday, Abby and I set off to be helpers.

I have a good friend that is managing two properties right now (transitioning, so to speak) and has a full load of various big girl responsibilities.  She recently purchased a place in a neighborhood and is very conscience about not being a troublesome/problematic neighbor.  Since our weather doesn’t seem to know what bi-polar cycle is it in right now, the grass was starting to get pretty tall, pretty fast and I knew that she would have a hard time being available when there was no rain (or snow, with the current temps).  That being said, Abby and I loaded up our mower and lawn bags and headed over to surprise her.

Since my husband doesn’t buy anything that isn’t built like a stinking TANK, our push mower pretty much weighs as much as  a rider.  I didn’t have any issues loading or tying it down in the back of the truck for the trip over but once I got to her house and started to unload it….


Blew the seat outta the back of my pants.  And I don’t mean a little hole…  I turned around and said Abby, “I think I ripped my drawers!”  And she started giggling…  “Momma, I can see your, um….butt!”

Note to self, reconsider thong underwear if you’re inclined to blow your seat out.  Second note, go buy new pants….

Man, was that breezy!  Oh, and for anyone that happened to SEE that….my bad! Hope you are not blind now!

Thanks for stopping by….

Politically Incorrect….

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I was going to post this on FaceBook as just a status, but figured it would 1) be long winded and 2) would certainly piss a few people off.  I have never been one to shy away from having my own opinions; but I try to be respectful and not beat people over the head with them.  I am not afraid to tell people that I am a Christian and I can’t think of any reason why I should feel like I need to hide my opinions about illegal immigrants, or other issues, concerns or things in general. I have attempted to be brief here with reason, trust me I could go into great, vivid detail to support my feelings on this.  Isn’t it the 1st Amendment and our ability to HAVE opinions that are supposed to make this country great?  I don’t think that being bullied into being agreeable for the sake of political correctness is quite my cup of tea.  While I can get extremely fired up about issues that I feel strongly about – it is never my goal or style to be rude or derogatory in expressing them; however, if you find offense – that would qualify as YOUR opinion.  That being said….

Something to think about… you don’t have to be a “sheep” or a “sheople” by only following what the government  is telling you, or following what direction the political winds direct you – i.e., GOP, Liberal, etc.  Any influence followed blindly qualifies.  Sometimes, the sheep among you are the wolves.  Sometimes, it’s easier and more comfortable to attempt to be politically correct or sympathetic – NOT EVERYTHING YOU ARE LED TO BELIEVE IS TRUE AND ACCURATE.  For some it might be many things, for others it might be one thing – one thing is for certain…for NONE is there not at LEAST one thing.  I used to have a liberal, sympathetic opinion about something in particular…and then I got close to that thing and found out it was NOTHING like it was being portrayed.  Did I feel betrayed?  Lied to and used?  Yes.  It is complete and total saturation? No, but I can say that based on my experience and slice of the demographic, it is far more prevalent than “few and far between” or isolated. In fact – wide spread and common, come to mind.  Is that judgmental?  Is that biased?  Is that stereotyping?  NO.  It is life experience.  It is research.  It is a census, based on my numbers and experience.  As a people, we should all base our opinions on more than just what someone else says…especially, if that someone has something to gain from it.

Please don’t believe everything you see, hear or read…we are so easily made to feel guilty if we don’t put a hand out for others.  Sometimes, when our hands are out – there is an accomplice reaching in our back pocket.  Would you give up your home and all your food and potentially your freedom for a total stranger in need?  Not because you wanted to…but because everyone told you that person deserved it so much that you were obligated to?  Would you let a squatter that broke into your home while you were away on vacation continue to live there after you returned?  If you went to get a mortgage and discovered that someone had been using your social security number – had earnings reported (that taxes were never reported to the IRS on) and have debts for items you never purchased – would you ignore it?  Of course not.

Then why is it acceptable for our country?

If someone came into your home, invited or by other means, and proceeded to disrespect you and your family members?  Not figuratively…verbally.  Physically.  Would you ask them to leave?  If they spat derogatory comments at you, laughed about your generosity toward them and made lewd, out of line comments about your wife or daughter – albeit in a language you did not understand and with a smile on their face – would you be inclined to embrace these persons?   What if it was your brother in law?  Your uncle?  Your neighbor?  Would you be going out of your way to provide for them…especially if you felt that they were ungrateful, greedy and unworthy?  These would be opinions formed from experience, would they not?

We are guilted into feeling like we have to agree with immigration reform.  We are guilted into believing that extreme welfare reform is inhumane.  We are bullied into accepting law breakers and con-artists as a human right to a life of abundance.  Not a better life…in America, these things end up being abundances – while middle class disappears and taxpayers foot the bill.

I talk to people every day that agree with then things I have stated here.  People that are in fear of America and it’s government no longer being viable because it diluted it’s economy with entitlements and Western Union Money Transfers to Mexico.  Yet, this side of the argument…gets buried – under the guilt, the fear of being labeled.  I can relay my family’s experiences (that are not isolated by any means) and people don’t want to “hear” the bad stuff – the things that make people feel uncomfortable. No one wants to be politically incorrect….until it hits them square in the gut.  Good luck with that.

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